Dream life in time of Corona — 16 July 20

Dream life in time of Corona
1 min readDec 16, 2020

I was in a desert landscape where time was a unique dimension, past and future the same.

Walking with my grandpa. All around us it was sandy and slightly red and warm.

We got stopped by a vision: in front of us a huge floating structure, made of lianas, rotating on itself, changing its shape constantly little by little. It was a new generation of tree, the tree of the future, without roots, resilient, magic.

A little further away there were ancient tombs craving to be opened by special tricks. Leaving my grandpa behind, I run with my friends towards these tombs, I watch them opening the buried tombs. A young woman’s body comes back to life, beautiful, dusty but without showing any signs of past centuries on her body. Floating up, again the floating. Renew. Reborn.

I guess I just dreamed my migraine taking a dreamy shape.